Video: Official Trailer

Video: Official Trailer
Treasures of Electrical Industry Official Trailer

Official Trailer

Treasures of the Electrical Industry


Powerful meaning of light is portrayed throughout this trailer by the Treasures of the Electrical Industry Founder and Director Richard Y. Watson.  Light is seen at the beginning of the video as a force moving through time and space.  Fiat Lux brings deep meaning to the beginning of light.  Light was then made by mankind and this is noted as the trailer builds momentum.

Mysterious words appear as the music slowly accelerates, only to show electrical units and symbols, as well as ways to highlight electrical measurements and descriptions.  Symbolic video representation of lights play in the background, as electrical mathematical formulas and equations are shown.

A treasure map is unrolled and two words are shown in two different languages symbolizing that people from many cultures and parts of the world contributed to the foundation of electric power.  Animation appears with two American historical founders that spurred on the growth of the Electrical Industry.  (Many hidden nuggets of symbolize and history are noted throughout this trailer, try to guess what they are?)

The icons and descriptions of the eight categories of the Electrical Industry are shown as the musical choirs of voices commands a subtle, yet inspirational appreciation of each electrical industry professional.

The epic conclusion forms a Treasures of the Electrical Industry coin – which was molded and pressed in the summer of 2014 into Aluminum and Brass coins.

These are collectable coins – more details about the Treasures of the Electrical Industry can be found under our Join page.




Video: From the Beginning of Time

Video: From the Beginning of Time
Treasures of the Electrical Industry

From the Beginning of Time

Treasures of the Electrical Industry


Light from a simple campfire to a modern day city is inspirational.  Light reflects various colors – these colors are reflected in the six colors of the Treasures of the Electrical Industry doubloon coins.

These collectable Aluminum coins are:

Manufacturers & Power Generation – Gold
Representatives – Purple
Engineers – Green
Contractors – Red
Distributors & Power Distribution – Blue
Organizations – Silver

This video script was inspired by Richard Y. Watson during a sunset run in Chicago, IL in the summer of 2014.

Video Script for TREASURES OF THE ELECTRICAL INDUSTRY “From the Beginning of Time”
Narrator: Larry Dooley

From the beginning of time, mankind has always tried to light the areas around him. He discovered ways to illuminate his surroundings. This invention, to have light, allowed him to light up the cities and communities he lived in.

He developed ways to make power to exceed his strength, and to accomplish more in less time. This power became known as electricity. This electrical power, made possible, many great feats.

Manufacturers began to produce electrical products that both carried, and provided, the electrical power. This in turn, allowed us to use this power when constructing buildings, using machinery and providing electrical transportation paths, whether by train, cars or other ways.

Distribution of these electrical products let us live in various climates. And through the hard work of engineers and other professionals, these products of electrical power have given us the sustainable living conditions that we have today, as well as, entertainment applications that we all enjoy.

The companies in this website will highlight their photos, videos and stories, of contributions they made, from past to present, with the greatest industry in the world – the electrical industry.

The Treasures of the Electrical Industry website is about: the people, the companies, and their stories.