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Established 1945
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Harry Hoffman

Harry Hoffman Founder

When young Harry Hoffman began working for Federal Cartridge in 1936, he had no idea that seven decades later, a multi-million dollar company would be named after him. What he did know, however, was that he loved his work. In fact, he became so absorbed in running the factory loader that he often forgot to
punch out on time. When his supervisor brought this fact to his attention, young Harry replied, “Have you ever tried to keep one eye on the job and one eye on the clock? It doesn’t work.”

His spirit of passion and innovation led him to significant achievements over the next several decades. In 1945, Harry invented the automatic press guard, an electronic device that prevented machinery from functioning if the operator’s hand was hazardously placed. A series of other inventions quickly followed:
a dandelion digger, a clay target thrower, an electric kitchen mixer, a clothes-line hanger, a Switch-O-Lite used by farmers to operate yard pole lights, a junction box for housing wiring and an outlet for supplying power to farm equipment. The last two are considered to be the forerunners of Hoffman’s first line of
enclosures. Harry remained with Hoffman Engineering until his retirement in 1992.


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Hoffman Manufacturer Entrance

Over a span of 70 years, Hoffman Engineering has continued to grow, diversify and expand in spite of tough economic conditions and a constantly changing competitive landscape. Our milestones include the development of new products lines, strategic alliances, mergers, acquisitions, global manufacturing facilities, customization programs, international ISO 9001 certifications, and multiple performance awards.

Through a relentless focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, we have helped establish Hoffman Engineering as the gold standard in the electrical enclosure and cooling product space. As we continue to grow and expand our global presence, we look forward to reaching new milestones in our vision of providing quality products that support the industrial automation industry worldwide.


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Hoffman Product Group

No one knows what the future will bring. From rapid population growth, which places tremendous stress on existing infrastructures, to an increased scarcity of natural and energy resources, today’s companies are faced with the challenge of providing solutions that help protect and strengthen our planet and its people.

At Hoffman, our vision of delivering inspired solutions for a changing world constitutes the compass that will always point us in the right direction. By dedicating resources for research and innovation, we develop solutions that keep our customers’ vital operations running efficiently, effectively and safely. It means continuing our tradition of excellence in building products that withstand harsh environments, thus ensuring increased productivity and decreased maintenance and downtime for facilities across the globe. In the end, it means aligning our goals and day-to-day operations with our value system—putting our customers first, focusing on innovation and adaptability, and demonstrating accountability, integrity and respect in every aspect of our business.

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