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Established 1945
Membership Level: Founder

Alok Maskara

Alok Maskara President, Pentair Technical Solutions


In 1945, a young man by the name of Harry Hoffman dared to dream. He envisioned and developed a product that had never existed before—an automatic press guard that would ensure the safety of manufacturing plant workers. Today, the same spirit of discovery that sparked Harry’s imagination 70 years ago continues to drive our growth and success.

With over 12,000 standard products and countless custom solutions manufactured across four continents,
our superior designs and exceptional quality set us apart from our competition. Thanks to all of you, today
the Hoffman name is synonymous with relentless innovation and exceptional performance. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your continued loyalty and support over the past seventy years—we are here today because of you. Thank you for being part of our history, our company and our success.

Together, we will continue to rise to the challenge of developing bold solutions that deliver efficiency and
reliability to our customers.

Pentair Hoffman

Pentair Hoffman Celebrating 70 years

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