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Contractors use the foundation of business to manage electricians and project managers as they build the electrical engineer’s designs. They work to forge the designs into life, as well as work with the maintenance of electrical systems once installation is complete. Electrical contractors hold licenses and insurances to properly operate the job site in accordance to national and local mandatory electric codes. Safety is a primary focus on job sites, at all times, to ensure worker’s health and prevention from live electrical current hazards.

Electrical contractors work from high-voltage power transmission and distribution lines, to indoor and outdoor building designs, installations and maintenance, and then finally to low-voltage installations. Any of these work environments, electrical contractors are skilled at integrating systems into properly functioning operations.

The visual masterpieces of their construction projects can be admired by all.

List of Contractors

Continental Electric Construction Company

Continental Electrical Construction Company

Oak Brook, IL
Membership Level: Founder

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